1a10 Design is a design studio by architect Felipe Arriagada, which began at the end of 2013 in Santiago de Chile, where he develops furniture products, architectural and interior design projects.

The furniture line is characterized by the natural use of wood, giving this material the main role but being, at the same time, a functional and practical line, where each piece is designed to be used by a public that values spaces and modern furniture.

The concept of the brand translates into the simplicity of the forms through few elements, with a very careful work of proportions and details to make them visually attractive.

All our designs are handmade in Chile with local producers, using mainly solid wood.


Stgo Diseño | October 2015 | Santiago, Chile

Mas Deco Market | April 2016 | Santiago, Chile

Art Stgo | August 2016 | Santiago, Chile

Semana de la Madera | August 2016 | Santiago, Chile

Casa FOA | September 2016 | Santiago, Chile

Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño | November 2016 | Madrid, Spain

Semana de la Madera | August 2017 | Santiago, Chile

Stgo Diseño | November, 2017 | Santiago, Chile

Expo “Nos Creemos la Muerte” | May, 2018 | Santiago, Chile

Wanted Design | May, 2018 | Nueva York, USA


Selected and published in Nuevos Creativos Chilenos DP book | December 2015, Santiago, Chile

Selected Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño BID16 with “Furniture Collection 20 series” | November 2016, Madrid, Spain

Prize “Excelencia en Diseño, Categoría Innovación” delivered by Consejo Nacional de la Cultura in Bienal de Diseño 2017 for Incremental Kitchens Yungay project | January 2017, Santiago, Chile

Innovation National Prize Avonni Design category for Incremental Kitchens Yungay project | November 2017, Santiago, Chile

Winning project Marca Chile Contest witj “Paloma” in collaboration with Krause Chavarri | January 2018, Santiago, Chile