Wooden furniture with modern and minimalist style

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Get closer to nature by decorating your home is an idea that has become commoditized. The reason for this is that the wooden furniture, plus durability and style are aesthetically appealing and can complement almost any trend in interior decoration.

The work behind a wooden cabinet allows it to retain its properties but that also suits the needs of people. Is responding to this logic 1a10 Design offers the alternative of unique, exclusive and fully adapted to your designs.

Our bet is a minimalist style that allows you to exploit the spaces and give identity to every corner of your home. Worked with natural wood and simple, unique and functional designs furniture will give your home that touch of uniqueness or novelty you need to stand out among your friends.

The real estate market today is focused on small homes that require maximize every space, so large pieces of furniture have become an alternative only for older properties. In small apartments with limited space, look modern and simple alternatives that allow you to decorate without sacrificing style.

Functionality as protagonist

To 1a10 Design, among its fundamental principles it is to provide utility and style with furniture, besides allowing better use of space, having more than a utility. This is achieved seamlessly with shelves that are also racks or shelves where you can hang your bike.

The idea is to have less furniture and your small space does not become something overwhelming with no place to move. That is precisely based on modern and minimalist style: the feeling of open space which, in turn, allows better lighting.

It is the functionality of your furniture allowing you to have an irreverent style that is unlike any traditional alternative you can find in department stores. In addition, natural wood furniture possess a unique quality assurance, it is one that worked well and with the right accessories material can last decades.

In short, functional and modern furniture is a long-standing investment that allows you to keep your home with that perfect touch of rustic and modern. You can achieve that natural touch to your home, without leaving your youthful and modern taste.