II Encuentro Espacios Vesto de Arauco: Incremental Kitchen

The project organized by Arauco this year focused on the opportunities presented by the kitchen to improve the quality of life of people, taking as a reference the existing possibilities in social housing, specifically for the houses of the Plan de Vivienda de Trabajadores (PVT) ) located in Constitución, Maule region, designed by  ELEMENTAL architecture office.

The proposal should consider a simple, low-cost assembly that could be self-built and expanded according to the needs of the users. In addition, each project should consider self-supporting furniture that does not require support perforations in the walls, to preserve one of the qualities of the houses, its acoustic isolation.

For this, a modular self-supporting pine structure was proposed that was the holder of the kitchen cabinets, as well as the top. As this could not be used to cut on top, a slate stone was added to the side of each module to complement this function.

Like the structure, the furniture is also thought as modular elements
which are offered as a catalog of alternatives to choose according to their function, providing greater flexibility according to the requirements of users.


Photos and video by Simón Gallardo