The use of wood in building furniture

One of the finest materials available worldwide for any type of construction work and decoration comes from centuries ago and has been part of numerous facades of huge buildings, to design the interior skeleton or homes, but even more in making furniture in different styles, sizes and colors.

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Although time has created new materials for the construction of furniture for housing, such as glass or metal, wood is still preferred by most of the designers there at all countries, given the large number of options and ideas that can translate her. Furthermore, it is a material of great durability and versatility.

Therefore, one of the main advantages that has design furniture made of wood, is that you can make endless gadgets and different items and they are very useful for all people. With it you can do, chairs, tables, closets, dressers, shelves, bookcases, shelves, desks, doors, watchmen, among many others, all depending on the customer or designer´s imagination.

Advantages of wooden furniture

Apart from the possibility to design all kinds of wood furniture, there are also other benefits of working with this noble material:

  • Unlike other materials such as glass and metals, wood is a sustainable element and a contribution to energy efficiency.
  • The nobility of wood, being a natural and very beautiful material, gives any house a cozy image and people who live there or visit it can feel and observe.
  • Since its use until today, wooden furniture will always be given to any decor classical vision.
  • Wood is maintained over time for many years, so a cabinet made of it, can be passed on from generation to generation.
  • Furniture made of wood can eventually dirty or damaged, but this material is very easy to repair and clean at a time.
  • This material allows true works of art made furniture are created, so that might have some in your home without any problem.
  • The other materials from which furniture is made, usually much heavier than wood and in turn, more delicate and disposable.

It’s a perfect material for designing any type of furniture and is ideal for a simple and classic or minimalistic decoration. In either version, you can review our product catalog, the options 1a10 Design has for your home, office or any room.