Tips for decorating your living room

mesa comedor m20 maderaThese have always been two areas of the house that go together, decades went out of fashion by having two separate walls for each room. Currently it is common to enter a house and ample space divided only by the type of furniture in each area, this is because the advantages of having the living and dining together are many.

To start, having an open space without walls in between, it gives the feeling of more space in the environment, and more space is always better. In addition, better use of natural light entering through the windows, which is the main source during the day and at night saves electricity because the same light source can perfectly illuminate both areas.

If you have the opportunity to re-decorate this part of your home, here are some tips that can help you achieve a warm and modern space, without losing your personal style.

The question is always, does the color of the walls or furniture are first chosen? To answer must ask you another question: what will be easier to replace if that didn´t worked? Clearly you can always paint over, but your furniture can not change them all the time, so it is better that your furniture determine the color to use.

Visual separation of spaces

Being common areas for the inhabitants of your house, in decorating the living room is better to opt for neutral colors. If space is not too large we recommend that you opt for the dining area by a wooden table in light tones and a white winter on the walls.

The contrast you can give in the living area with a central dark wall while the other walls follow the tone of your choice for the dining room. By doing this you will give harmony between these two spaces, but give the social area a personal touch.

If minimalism is not going with you, for the furniture of the living area choose dark and stunning colors, large sofa in black or brown with a couple of wooden chairs with tapestry similar tones to the color of the main chair.

As for lighting, choosing light colors on the walls and you’re better off taking advantage of natural daylight. For evening, if space is reduced the best alternative are embedded, they light up very well and do not take away space to the room as hanging lamps.

A final tip is to not overload the space with too much furniture. Use only the necessary or, otherwise, the place will feel suffocating and small.