Meet some tricks to design spaces in your home

rack mueble madera tv televisorWhether for moving to a new home or simply because you need to adapt a space, the visual changes in your home give rise to a change of mind and are like a shot of energy. You can take years in the same house, but if one day change the color of a wall or you replace a coffee table, the place will feel like new.

The key is to use your creativity and use some simple tips that will allow you to change style, giving a modern twist, better use of space, or whatever you want to change.

Soft colors and mirrors on the walls

This is advice focused on small spaces. If you use warm colors on the walls, this will allow better reflection of the light and take advantage of the maximum natural lighting of the room.

Another trick for a room seem larger than it is, is to use mirrors, can be a big one using half a wall, or a set of small mirrors with asymmetrical shapes. A similar effect causes the large windows, especially if you do not cover them with great fabrics such as curtains.

Natural look

Currently we found metal furniture, acrylic and imitation wood everywhere. However, to give a natural and unique look to your home, natural wood furniture are the best alternative. And it’s not just about having something original in your house, but the quality they offer is unmatched.

The alternatives in other materials are attractive and eye-catching, however natural wood offers something extra and that is the guarantee of durability. In addition to providing a touch of nature to your home with this type of furniture you have modern options and adapt to different decorative styles.

The extra touch of plants

Every house must have plants, that is almost a golden rule in decoration. And the natural green of a plant can not replace with anything, not to mention the oxygen from them.

If you still do not have a plant in your home, this may be the opportunity to give a ride to your decor and get a connection with nature. There are many options, whether you put it on a furniture, on the floor or hanging.

There are many ideas to make a change inside your house. You can choose to renew your furniture or simply change the color of your walls and redistribute furniture, whatever your choice is, it never hurts to try new options.