What colors can be combined with wooden furniture?

estante es10 madera lacadoHarmony in colors and tones is very important when it comes to putting together the ideal environment in your home. Each room, private and common, is for family members in a space where they feel comfortable and it must be harmony in the decor.

Wood furniture adds warmth and can be found in different hues. There are light woods such as pine, maple, oak and maple that can be very docile when combined with the colors destine for your walls, curtains and other furniture.

In terms of colors, you should keep in mind that the ideal combination will cause the effect that you want to obtain. For example, if you want your TV room has a minimalist, clean style, you must have light wood furniture accompanied by white walls.

However, to create a striking visual contrast and effect, the dark walls with light wood furniture are the best alternative. It can be a drastic decision and lean dramatically by the black, or else give a little more color to the room and go for a reddish brown or dark blue.

Only by choosing the furniture indicated and the exact color of your walls, you can give all the style that the room needs. What is lacking, as ornaments and paintings, will be the finishing touch to top off the perfect image.

Warm effect with pastel colours

We have spoken of white and dark tones to match wooden furniture. However in interior spaces of the house, such as bedrooms, often not governed by rules of contrasts or minimalist styles, what is sought is warmth and comfort.

And when it comes to merge these two concepts are pastels colours are the kings of the party. With light wood furniture a relaxation and freshness environment is achieved when combined with pastel shades.

This is a perfect combination for a baby’s  or children´s room. Cradle, nightstand and dresser made of light wood, accompanied by a background in pale pink or blue, certainly can not be a more ideal mix for rest of the youngest members of your household.

The final touch is given with bedding in similar shades. But a main room can also be more friendly and warm with this decorative mix. What is also important to add the personal touch, pervade your own tastes.

In design and interior decoration in your house you have the last word.